Move Over Rustic Décor – Make Room for Urban Hardwood

Somerset High Gloss hardwood


Take the opportunity to consider Somerset High Gloss hardwood for your next flooring project, even in the face of trends that have shifted toward rustic, shabby chic, vintage, and hand-scraped aesthetics. The beautifully gleaming shine of Somerset High Gloss hardwoods seems to be making a comeback. Most likely this resurgence is due to seeing antique design sensibilities everywhere you go, and while we enjoy this look with high levels of enthusiasm, the uniqueness it originally intended has been taken away considering the flooring market is saturated with it. One of our favorite things about Somerset hardwood is that the company offers a wide spectrum of flooring options to fit your specific design needs.

While shabby chic designs and tattered, timeworn hardwoods will add a certain charm to secluded beach homes, mountain retreats, and grand estates, it rapidly loses appeal especially in urban settings. Imagine taking the elevator up to your 30th floor loft apartment only to find that the flooring is something taken right out of an old Clint Eastwood movie. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, it may seem out of place. We carry tons of Saltillo tile and love its durable nature in warm climates, but it would look rather strange if it were installed in your rather historic 300-year-old restored cottage in Marblehead, Mass.

While Somerset provides collections like Southern Antiques for die hard fans of shabby chic aesthetics, the greatly contrasting High Gloss series is a welcome change for those who want to break current design trends. The reflective properties of Somerset High Gloss can be an excellent addition to your living space in areas with panoramic windows, wide views of sunsets, and open floor plans. This collection truly is one of the best on the hardwood market for a remarkably contemporary, up-to-date appearance.

urbanhardwood bannerDepending on your personal design specifications, Somerset High Gloss is offered in both solid and engineered oak hardwood planks. Solid wood can be sanded and refinished several times over the life of the floor, ideal for homes in which you plan on staying for a very long time. Engineered, on the other hand, has better moisture resistance and structural stability, making it a sound choice for installations at any level above or below grade. Both the solid and engineered variations of High Gloss come with a 50-year finish warranty, as well as a lifetime structural warranty; with proper care and maintenance, these wonderful, vibrant Somerset hardwoods will last for decades.

This series is also equipped with an Ultimate UV-cured aluminum oxide finish to protect the surface from water, scratching, and dropped objects. If you love the glossy look of these up-to-date floors but still have affection for vintage construction, fear not. Solid High Gloss offers planks in either 2 ¼” or 3 ¼” widths. Think of it as combining old-style construction with modern surface touches. Whether you love deep cherry reds or natural lofty browns, Somerset High Gloss hardwood will turn your living space into the modernized sanctuary you’ve always wanted.

For more information on the Somerset High Gloss collection, as well as other contemporary hardwood collections, don’t hesitate to call us at 866-705-1340.

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