Get Creative! Carpet Tile Ideas for Home



It’s a common misconception that carpet is for the most part dull, boring, and even undesirable compared to other flooring materials such as hardwood or natural stone tiles. It is true that wall-to-wall carpet is not quite as popular in the design community as it used to be, but that doesn’t mean all forms of carpet should be written off altogether. In fact, carpet tile has experienced a popularity surge in commercial endeavors, and it’s slowly making its way into the residential market. Unlike some wall-to-wall carpet that can be cumbersome and difficult to replace, carpet tiles open up an infinite number of design possibilities for your living space. No longer are you constrained to one solid color or pattern in your den or bedroom. With carpet tiles, you can breathe life into your home without spending a fortune to do so.

Suppose you live in a loft apartment or penthouse high above the city streets below. Perhaps you want a softer surface in your bedroom than what originally came with the space, but you simultaneously realize that transporting any sort of flooring up freight elevators can be quite tedious and counterintuitive. Carpet would be a nice touch in your bedroom, but it would be difficult to get the wall-to-wall stuff up to the top of your building in a timely manner. Some older buildings don’t have freight elevators big enough to transport broadloom, so the dangerous task of using cranes and removing windows to get the flooring into the installation space is sometimes necessary.

carpet-tileObviously the main advantage of carpet tiles is the design aspect, but a secondary benefit is easier transport in smaller freight elevators. The tiles can simply be stacked and carted in without any logistical problems. While broadloom can only be rolled out and installed in a limited number of directions, several patterns can be utilized with carpet tiles. Depending on your personal décor preferences, they can be laid out in linear, ashlar, quarter-turn, brick, and other patterns to give your living space the unique and lively visuals it deserves.


Many businesses have been using carpet tiles in their offices for quite some time now, so why not apply these same designs to residential spaces? Take Shaw Philadelphia carpet, for example. While primarily used in commercial applications, the carpet tiles they offer can look equally as good in modern residential spaces. As each particular line of carpet tiles they offer have on average about 10-15 different colors each, the design permutations that are possible when factoring in the installation layouts are seemingly infinite. We understand that not everyone is a fan of carpet, but if you are thinking about broadloom, consider carpet tiles as well. With our selections of this type of flooring, you can truly create your own color palette to paint your unique design vision that you’ve been stowing away in your mind. Whether you want to mix and match bright colors or alternate subtle interwoven patterns, carpet tiles make all these potential options possible.

Have a look at some of our products, and start brainstorming your next design vision. For more information on the carpet tiles we have to offer, feel free to call us directly at 510-698-5142.

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