Mirage Tile Noon, Creek, B-Wild and Wooow-Newest Additions

From a classic wood-look to unique and modern resemblances of fabric on tile, Mirage most recent additions to its collection present you with endless opportunities to personalize your home. Three tile series that are introducing us all to a glamorous contemporary theme enabling us to imagine, choose and create our ideal surrounding spaces. Their subtle color schemes and stylish patterns and textures will provide you with the tools required to take you back to an industrial, yet, urbane and “homey” feel that not only is appealing to the eye, but it’s also sustainable and adequate for all users.

Among their wood look tile lines, you can admire Mirage B-Wild, Creek and the NooN series, which consist of styles accurately approaching irresistible wood plank resemblances on floors, walls and back splashes. These three products are ready to be enjoyed in commercial and residential areas. Each of these three different styles include authentic hue selections that allow you to further personalize your indoor and outdoor surroundings.

Starting with Mirage B-Wild tile, which presents us with a color palette striving for the incorporation of natural hues, the neutrality of these colors contains a precise interpretation of the hottest shades for the season. With the exquisite gold, brown and light beige combination of Klondike, we’re already submerging ourselves into an elegant sense of style. Followed by ElDorado, which includes all of the already mentioned tonalities in a lighter and more blended version. Yosemite also blends that chocolate and the tans that characterize all of the glamour represented by the proposed industrial theme here. Finally,  this 8″x40″ tile can also be enjoyed through one more color known as Grand Canyon, resembling a more realistic wood look truly hard to ignore in any room, integrating a mix of dark browns and golden oak tones.


Mirage B Floors
Mirage B-Wild Klondike Tile


Nevertheless, if what you are looking for is an aspect that insinuates simplicity and elegance, then Mirage Creek Flooring color palette might include the shades that will compliment the rest of your home with the warmth that only contrasting grays and tans can provide. Also conveniently available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the traditional wood look of 8”x40” and a smaller 6”x12”, to more contemporary sizes like 12”x24” and 12”x12”, this collection takes full advantage of the most beautiful cool grays and golds through Kilauea, while providing us with warmer and more golden oak tonalities through the rustic Augustine; all of this followed by a scale integrating various charcoal hues along with honey-like shades so descriptive of this eclectic branch of the series through their Sant’elena sample.


Tile work Sant'elena Mirage Creek
Mirage Creek Sant’elena Tile


Lastly, the Mirage NooN wood look tile is equally willing to aid you in such selection by expanding your horizons and allowing you to combine its five different colors while manufacturing every tile with distinction and class. Their blond tonalities in daylight can be eloquently contrasted with the more subtle grays admired through Ember. Moreover, lighter shades of brown present us their color Honey, followed by a darker chocolate brown with a pinch of cherry oak through Burnet, and a decisive scale of grays that provides us from the lightest to the predominantly darkest Charcoal. Additionally, both available sizes for this style accurately approximate to actual wood planks in an impressive 8”x48” and 6”x24”.


Flooring of Mirage tile
Mirage NooN Tile


Furthermore, because these collections gives us no reason to conform, their new line called Mirage tile Wooow will have the same effect of its name on the décor of your home. We’re talking about a fabric-resembling look screaming the words “Fashionable”, “Flexible”, and “Exclusive”. Wooow tiles are fashionable enough to add a sense of freshness and sophistication to your home; they’re flexible to work with due to their neutrality in color selection and pattern choices. Thirdly, this series which are rectified porcelain tile are an attractively different concept integrating a blend of natural fibers into interior and exterior walls and floors. The color palette of the product includes the exclusively organic and characteristic light sand and camel colors of Cotton, a more dismal khaki hue represented through Linum, the exquisite pale brown of Biscuit, and finally, we have the eclectic stainless steel effect of Silver. The entire color selection is available for commercial and residential use as whole tiles and mosaic in sizes ranging from 12”x12” to the popular contemporary 12″x24″, and even a  24”x24” large format size.


Mirage Tile
Mirage WoooW Cotton Tile


To conclude, all these new introductions  tend to embrace a shade and texture index that lets you customize your flooring, wallpaper and back splash of choice even more through unique rhythms and patterns. This index ranges from a uniform to a substantial variation that mark the differences from tile to tile. Additionally, all porcelain tiles qualify for distinct sizes, shapes and finishes that will enable you to take your home to the next level. This way, the possibilities are truly endless.

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