Oil Finished Vs. UV-Cured Hardwood

UV Cured Hardwood

Vintage looks are currently dominating the design dimension through natural finishes and neutrality in color schemes, and an oil finished resemblance on hardwood flooring has become the ideal aid in this sophisticated fashion. We’re talking about distinctive luster and finishes, and a variety of color palettes to limitlessly design trendy European-inspired spaces. If you’re striving for a timeless style that will bring out the nature of your home on a daily basis, then this is the appearance that your floor coverings desperately need. In this post, we’ll discuss oil finished hardwood and the two types that are the most common choices to achieve this stylish look: Penetrating oil finished and UV cured hardwood flooring.

How It’s Made

Firstly, allow us to clarify that both oil finished and UV cured hardwood flooring constructions consist of a surface layer integrating the oils of choice (either linseed or Tung oil), a hardwood surface composed by veneer, a core and backing. Although there are slight differences in physical appearance between the two, the typical oil finish will uniquely penetrate the surface veneer, while the UV-cured will penetrate all layers. Since the amount of acrylic utilized in this last one is greater, this causes the surface layer to have a more glassy aspect than the one admired on an oil finished covering.

The Classic Oil Approach Traditionalists will ADORE

With that in mind, let’s introduce your typical oil finished hardwood floor. This is a process that consists of an oil base meant to dry promptly and efficiently, leaving a natural aspect and texture on your floor coverings.  Both penetrating natural and hard wax oil finishes normally utilize linseed oil as a base; however, a combination of other oils is also incorporated to speed up drying procedures.

Some of the advantages of the traditional oil finished type floors include a natural radiance on your hardwood floors, and excellent durability and sustainability.

When referring to the disadvantages of said product, we could mention that there are a few simple procedures after installation, as well as this process being a tad less resistant to stains than UV cured hardwood.

US Floors Castle Combe, Oil Finished
US Floors Castle Combe, Oil Finished

Convenience through the UV Way

The second type of oil finished flooring, and as popular as the traditional oil finish, is the UV cured hardwood manufacturing process, which will widen your horizons by introducing you to a fairly different and equally competent hardwood finish practice. As the name states it, this floor covering utilizes ultraviolet light to cure floors. Unlike penetrating oil finished hardwood floors, UV-cured ones will actually protect more than just the surface of the wood, due to their dominance within the finish coating, hardwood, core and backing.

Unsurprisingly, one of the leading advantages for this type of finish is its general durability, which indicates it to be stain resistant. Furthermore, UV-cured oils do not require a topcoat after its installation, like penetrating oil finishes.

On the other hand, some of the disadvantages take account of the existent difficulties for further repair, and a slightly artificial appearance when compared to the natural glow that penetrating oils provide.

HF Design San Pietro, UV Cured Hardwood in Aluminum Oxide
HF Design San Pietro, UV Cured Aluminum Oxide

So, Which One to Choose, Oil Cured or UV Cured Hardwood?!

Lastly, when comparing and contrasting these two finishes it all really depends on what your objective is for the installation of your flooring. If what you’re striving for is the classic, natural hardwood floor look, then an oil finished covering will definitely be able to assist you in such position by providing you with a peculiar and reclaimed aspect distinctive in modern rustic and shabby chic oriented themes. If, however, you’re looking for a simpler look easier to be maintained impeccable on a daily basis, then UV-cured flooring might be a better alternative. The best part? These two finishes are both in, and their fashionable characteristics will just end by adding the final touch your home needs.

Be sure to check out my next post where I share with you the most popular styles on the market today!

In light of the constantly increasing popularity for both, penetrating oil finished and UV cured hardwood floors, companies such as Mamre Floor, HF Design, Montage, Beaulieu America, US Floors, Castlewood Oak and Provenza Floors all have integrated such enticing look through their fabulous floor collections that we’ll be discussing on our next article. From grays to browns to lighter tans, and diverse exciting sizes and patterns, their series will have it all! As you can see, this is just the beginning of a chic and elegant trend that you and your family will end by falling in love with, and we can hardly wait to get you started on the process!

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