Oil Finished Vs. UV-Cured Hardwood: Which One to Choose?

Oil Finished Hardwood

Now that you’re more familiar with oil finished hardwood and UV-cured floors, it’s time to explore your options in the industry and select the perfect hardwood for you! One of the most asked questions we receive is “Which one should I choose?” Or “Which brand is the best?”

The companies we’re currently recommending offer unique and stylish collections able to provide you with a wood-look through high-quality environmentally friendly processes all users will enjoy. While Mamre Floors’ Exquisite Manor series presents you with contemporary textures and hues, HF Design’s San Pietro will make you fall in love with their UV cured finishes that accurately represent every functional and aesthetic advantage of this last practice. US Floors’ Castle Combe will once more show us that more than flooring manufacturing, what they do is a work of art. Finally, Provenza Home Collection is here to introduce us to sophisticated procedures, and a wide range of colors, widths and styles capable of fit into any theme and purpose for your interior spaces.

Starting with the Exquisite Manor collection by Mamre Floors, they’re definitely able to demonstrate what they mean by their surfaces being inspired by famous manors and castles throughout the world. We’re talking about individually designed boards evoking a rustic elegance able to compliment any commercial and residential space. The best part of all is that they’re not letting us conform to one of the processes already mentioned, since they’re able to offer both, oil finished hardwood and UV cured planks. These 7-½” wide planks are available in smoked, white and natural oiled finishes you will love.

Oil Finished Hardwood
Mamre Floors’ Exquisite Manor Natural Hard Wax Finish, Natural Oiled/Smoked

On the other hand, HF Design’s San Pietro will introduce you to a beautiful series consisting of European Maple and White Oak, taking us back to an elegant Victorian feel sustainable enough for all users. With the aid of the latest technology, these floors are a combination of the look of natural wood with the convenience of a UV cured finish. Their color palette features from the lightest blond, to the darkest chocolate, staying away from any limitations they could cause on the design of your homes and offices. Available for residential and commercial spaces, these ¾”x5” planks are ready to be part of the beauty in your surroundings.

The UV Cured Roma Hardwood
HF Design’s San Pietro UV Cured Roma

Moreover, because we know great design is not due to conformism, US Floors, along with their Castle Combe collection, will also end by inspiring the need of adding that final touch of sophistication to your surrounding spaces through their 7-½”x ⅝ “ natural oil finished wood planks. Their rustic style is the perfect representation of what an ancient, reclaimed wood floor actually looks like, and if you’re aiming towards that shabby chic theme worthy of admiration from a huge majority of today’s consumers, then this series is definitely the one for you. Featuring a palette of golden oaks, sands, grays and tans, they’re definitely covering every need, any style.

Oil Finished Hard Timber Planks
US Floors, Castle Combe Original, Oil Finished

Finally, the Provenza Home Collection always mesmerizes us with their diversity in color and finishes, as well as the broad range of styles offered through this compilation. From a variety of species such as birch, maple and walnut, Provenza Floors are enabling us to choose pretty much any trend we are wishing to follow, to the limit of creating our own. Several different widths ranging from 4” to 36”, and beautiful Mahogany reds and Antique browns that can be fabulously displayed in any interior are now waiting! This UV cured hardwood floors are an ideal and sustainable addition to your residential and commercial areas.

UV Cured Timber Planks at Quality Flooring 4 Less
Provenza Home Collection, UV Cured

Additionally, if you’re looking for more stylish 7-½” widths and veneers closely resembling everything we love about natural oak, both Shaw Floors’ Royal Collection and Antiquity by Mohawk offer us some great authentic characteristics of that organic hardwood aspect with the advantages of oil finished and UV cured flooring. Modern, vintage, eclectic…Their incredibly varied palette will enable you to call it whatever you please!

As a conclusion, yes; there are plenty of incredible sources where you’re able to find both hardwood processes at the best quality and styles, and considering that there is no reason to conform to any of these in particular, you can take this as a proposal to your initial design plan and start by defining your theme of choice, color scheme and any additional features you’d like to admire in your indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s time to dream it, plan it, and make it possible.

If you would like to get some oil finished hardwood to complete a kitchen, a living room, or any other space in your home or your commercial location give us a call at 510-698-5142 to have it delivered! Or just visit us on the main site at qualityflooring4less.com

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