Introducing Italgraniti’s White Experience


Italgraniti’s White Experience


Modernity, luxury and class. Italgraniti’s most recent collection will present you with a sea of opportunities to add the “wow” effect every interior and exterior desperately desires. Who said that color was the only way to personalize a room? The texture of your flooring can create a drastic impact on the rest of your surroundings. The White Experience is an extremely innovative concept willing to test every limitation in architectural design, while providing you with the spaces you dream of and deserve. The collection allows users to combine texture and color to achieve a unique effect in any area, accommodating to any theme through a great hue and pattern selection. The word “contemporary” was never screamed this loud and proudly with such stylish tile.

 Italgraniti's Blanco Tile
Italgraniti’s Pulpis

Feel it, Love it

Starting with the texture, this Italian porcelain floor presents six different options. From a subtle rustic feel achieved through their Naturale surface, to smoother sensations caused by their Lappato grain, this is an experience you don’t want to miss. The collection also includes a rougher marble finish known as Spazzolato, as well as their three coarser textures named Bocciardatoin, Rullato and Anticato, ideal for bathrooms and more humid spaces due to their grainier touch and consistency. Additionally, because they understand the power that neutrality in color scheme can give you over any room, this series’ two distinct colors, Apuano and Pulpis will also mark the difference in every tone of white and gray that the White Experience is all about.

Listello Tile @ Quality Flooring 4 Less

How You Do It

Now, it’s time to imagine that beautiful contemporary bathroom that you have always dreamed of. Its incorporation of different textures and patterns allows you to be as inventive as never before, and the ability to mix and match the orientation, size and color of each tile opens a door of endless possibilities. Through their different and flexible palettes and creative surfaces, you can maintain a continuity between your indoor and outdoor spaces, creating evener transitions and better quality surroundings. The White Experience offers us dynamic and exciting spaces all users will enjoy. There are no barriers, only sophistication and style.

Modern Tile Flooring
More Italgraniti Tile

Make Italgraniti’s White Experience Your Own

And because confidence is key, we can now apply such unique and chic collection onto any aspect of your commercial and residential interiors and exteriors. Italgraniti’s White Experience is meant to be admired on floors, counters and walls with plenty of convenience sizes, such as their 23”x23” and 32”x32” tiles. The tile is resistant and durable enough to provide you with high-quality surfaces that will offer frost, stain and chemicals resistance, as well as bending strength, all ideal for serving any of the purposes already mentioned on the daily.

Gray Tile
Italgraniti’s White Experience

More than marble, it’s a lifestyle

There you have it! Italgraniti’s White Experience offers incredible advantages and a glamorous look too hard to resist; and because nothing  expresses “fashion” as “innovation”, we know that this porcelain stone is for inventive users like yourself. The series proposes nothing but your own design visions and ideas. Through their mixable textures, shades, patterns, and sizes ranging from 4”x11” to 32”x72”, they are enabling you to personalize each area as much as you please, keeping a constancy of superfluity and beauty.   

Italgraniti's White Experience
White Tile at qualityflooring4less

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