Berry Alloc DreamClick and PURE Click: Today’s New Vinyl

DreamClick Flooring

When you think about vinyl flooring for either your home or business, are the phrases “high-quality”, “functionality” and “quick and easy to install” on your mind? How about Beauflor Vinyl Flooring!

If that’s so, Berry Alloc is presenting us with the ideal vinyl flooring for no matter what you have going on for your interior spaces. Berry Alloc’s collections DreamClick flooring and PURE Click open an immense variety of wood look visuals along with exciting patterns and color schemes that will end by accompanying your surrounding spaces in an efficient and aesthetically beautiful manner.

Starting with the DreamClick Pro collection, this 6” x 36” plank facilitates a stress-free installation through a 360 degree locking system, meaning that every side of each plank—back, front, left or right—will interlock with each other on all four sides. Because of this, several installers can work together at the same time to provide you with your dream floor surface in a shorter period.

DreamClick Flooring
DreamClick Pro River Oak Greige

Did anyone mention some great colors that give an absolutely authentic wood look? Well, this collection definitely has plenty of prodigious options. The color palette features ten gorgeous oak hues descriptively named Evergreen Pearl to a gloomier shade of Sand, King of Forest, Palmer, River Oak Dark Brown and White, River Natural and Greige, to more rustic tonalities obtained in the tints of Scarlet and Vintage.

DreamClick flooring is ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.

Excited yet? There is more! Berry Alloc’s DreamClick flooring also integrates extremely convenient technologies into their products by making their floors water-resistant, environmentally friendly and incredibly easy to maintain on a daily basis.

Following the same idea previously proposed by DreamClick flooring, the PURE Click collection submerges us into a sea of convenience and exquisiteness with their subcategories of vinyl tile PURE Click 55 and PURE Click 40 (both accurately named after their respective 55 and 40 mm wear layers), the PureLoc and PureLoc Pro. Also counting with an interlocking system, all PURE Click vinyl tiles offer a quick and easy installation for all of their different color selections; from lighter golden oaks to more rustic greys, their Columbian, Lime and Toulon Oaks have it all!

PURE Click 40 Lime Oak
PURE Click 40 Lime Oak
PURE Click 55 Columbian Oak
PURE Click 55 Columbian Oak

What is the main difference between the 40 and the 55? It is all in the wear layer. As mentioned earlier, the PURE Click 40 has a 16 mil wear layer (unlike an industry standard of 12), which is perfect for residential and commercial areas. On the other hand, the PURE Click 55 has a 22 mil wear layer, while the industry standard is 20. This makes it an ideal fit for residential and heavier commercial purposes.    

As a conclusion, all of these vinyl planks are extremely simple and fast to install, and being water-proof and resistant enough for all commercial and residential areas, there is no room able to resist to such suitable and elegant surfaces.

To order this new flooring from Berry Alloc give us a call @(510) 698-5142 so we can get it to your home!

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