Gray Laminate Flooring Is Hot in 2017

Gray Laminate Flooring


Two words: Simplicity and sophistication. Gray laminate flooring is an extremely trendy and elegant feature found in interior and exterior architecture today. The neutrality in the color gray makes it ideal to be mixed and matched with other materials and fabulous color schemes in any space, and selecting this last hue as your floor surfaces definitely leaves you enough space to experiment with different styles and themes for your home and offices. Because of these incredible advantages and many more, we’d like to present you with our top hottest-selling laminate floors. It’s time to get inspired while imagining the endless possibilities to add some “jazz” to your lifestyle!

Primitive Beauty through Rustic Grays

Call it classy, call it vintage. Our first look is the Mannington Laminate Restoration Collection. Incorporating the latest technology to portray that beautiful wood look, this series provides us with a sensational color palette ready to be combined with all of your design ideas for your living spaces. This reclaimed look effortlessly adds character to rooms of all sizes with unique gray woods like the stainless steel appearance of Keystone Oak Steel, the cool, muted tones of Treeline Oak Winter, the brilliant sea-cloud-gray of Nantucket Driftwood, or the dark charcoal appeal of Woodland Maple Mist. 12 shades of gray in the unique, wood-resembling size of 7-9/16”x50-½” are waiting to be exploited and enjoyed by stylish users like yourself!

One of Mannington's beautiful floors
Mannington Keystone Oak

Taking this rusticity into consideration, the Mohawk Rustic Legacy collection equally offers us a lovely array of patterns that will end by complementing our dreamy countryside home. The Driftwood Oak is a warm plank with a great range in color. The deep graining and hand-scraping add contrast and character. And because convenience is just as relevant, the flooring pieces connect each other for an easy and glueless installation!

a laminate from mohawk
Mohawk Driftwood Oak

Also, with gray being such a flexible color, it allows us to manipulate it as we please through the addition of brighter hues and patterns to take full advantage of any desired fashion. These collections offer us a thrilling array crossing the design spectrum, providing us with enough freedom to create dramatic accents and focal points in an area. For example, if you were to select the warmth and hickory-look of the Mannington Weathered Ridge plank, then you could add furniture integrating cooler grays in order to contrast with the already French gray laminate surface. Some suggestions might include a concrete or steel emphasis in counter and tabletops, as well as the use of white through curtains, pillows, throws and artwork to lighten up the space.

Modern and Glamorous

Next in the list is Quick Step Envique Laminate Flooring Collection, making a statement of minimalism and modernity. This series presents a look and texture genuinely resembling natural hardwood. Being resistant enough to be installed in residential and commercial spaces, these 7-½”x54-11/32” planks have everything to mesmerize more than one user. Let the warm greys and naturalism of their Gable Oak submerge you into a classic, yet, contemporary feel you’ll want to admire in any space where refinement combined with urbanity are key. The color palette also features other gorgeous selections such as the silver-gray look of the Urban Concrete Oak Planks, the gloomy pewter appearance of the Gable Oak, and the earth-toned Memoir Oak. Get the full experience through six other different colors!

flooring in shades of gray
Quick Step Gable Oak

And for those who just love modernity in all its splendor, Alloc Prestige Concrete Wide takes us to the extremity of an exclusively contemporary and industrial style you’ll love. Their 11.8” wide planks are ideal to resemble a dramatic and catchy feel for cleanliness and minimalism through a cosmopolitan concrete look. This laminate flooring is also extremely resistant and durable from the inside out through their wear and moisture resistant layers.  

laminate flooring now at
Alloc Prestige Concrete Wide

Moreover, with the aid of these laminate flooring compilations, you are completely capable of conceptualizing more industrial and modern spaces through the use of their somber color palette and unique styles. That’s right! Grey is also ideal for when you’re leading towards a more contemporary theme instead. Make the gloominess of your surfaces pop out by blending other neutral hues into the room. For instance, if you’re trying to integrate the charcoal appearance of Quick Step Tuxedo Pine Planks, then you may decide to paint your walls in an eggshell tone in order to create a clear and appreciable contrast between both surfaces. The addition of geometric patterns, shape and form into the room will also complement this idea of an alluring twenty-first-century eclectic concept.  

Gray for Traditionalists

The fact that gray laminate flooring is such a trendy feature in today’s design dimension doesn’t mean that this last attribute cannot be admired through the beauty of more traditional spaces. The Architectural Remnant Collection by Armstrong Laminate is the perfect representation of this idea. From personalized textures and finishes, to an exquisitely original color palette, they have everything every traditionalist would like to see in their commercial and residential spaces. The reclaimed wood look of their Old Original Barn Gray, along with their sea-themed hue selections provoke a sophisticated and “homey” sensation rarely seen before. Their blue-greys combined with natural browns and tans portrayed through Sea Glass Teal and Salt Air will not let you conform to your typical wood flooring. These 12 mm laminate planks will take your living areas to a whole different level.

Beautiful laminate floors a
Armstrong Seaside Pine

Nevertheless, if you prefer simple over that reclaimed traditional look, then Shaw Floors will end by making you fall in love with their gray laminate flooring . The light, cool gray of Castle Ridge Alloy adds a distinct type of elegance ideal for all residential and commercial use. Moreover, the beauty and hue profundity of their Matterhorn Mystic Gray is equally stunning and impactful.

Gray floors
Shaw Castle Ridge Alloy
Gray Laminate Flooring
Shaw Matterhorn Mystic Gray

Both laminate flooring lines go to great lengths to create the illusion of authentic hardwood, achieving the impeccable look of salvaged woods steeped in the rich history of classic American architecture. In order to lead these collections to the advantage of a customary style that will be enjoyed by generations, you may decide to incorporate a contrasting surface from these same series as part of your walls, creating the effect of a layered design concept, characteristic of our most traditional Craftsman movement. The integration and mix of wooden and iron furniture also forms part of a classically charming and delicate appearance.

Really, Gray is for Everyone

After reviewing some of your options at the moment of going grey with the design of your living spaces, you might have noticed that grey laminate flooring is actually suitable for any style, theme and color scheme of your choice. The laminate flooring brands that we’ve just suggested here are to get you started on the process of adding that class and elegance that you need, want and deserve. Gray wood-looks, as true to life as the real thing, can be achieved with laminates issuing from the finest manufacturers in the marketplace!


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