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Rustic Hardwood

Chic, elegant and stylish – the modern rustic hardwood style is revolutionizing the field of design through a concept that incorporates the character of our favorite Victorian homes, along with the minimalism we love about mid-century spaces. Are you seeking for clean, open interiors with the warmth and character that just a pinch of rusticity can provide? Say no more. Today it’s possible to incorporate the old, rich look of rustic hardwood with the new trends of today. We’ve brought to you the required tools to achieve a “new” type of rustic with the aid of your favorite flooring brands and furniture stores.

Simply Glamorous

Starting with Anderson Virginia Vintage Collection Coastal Art, their off-white and gray hardwood flooring is as delicate as it also is picturesque and provincial. The smooth oak surface of these 5” engineered wood planks represent nothing but elegance and quality in their manufacture. The light silver-gray tonality of their Clam Shell hue just ends by complementing any room striving for a glamorous, contemporary reclaimed look, and when you add a sandy shade to it you get their irresistible Pickle Barrel. However, if neutrality in color is a characteristic that fully captivates you about this style, then the dullness of their Pristine selection is definitely one to cautiously look at. Finally, their warm grays and khakis in Sand Dollar is another option leading towards a more accustomed approach. The simplicity in this series will open a sea of opportunities to personalize your home in one of the classiest, most exclusive ways possible, leaving you plenty of space to add stunning patterns and beautiful color schemes to your design concept.

Talking about these endless possibilities for your living surroundings, let’s begin imagining and creating together through fabulous décor for your residential and commercial spaces! For instance, any of the colors offered by this last hardwood flooring collection would be exquisitely contrasted through a color scheme of tans and chocolate browns, utilizing blues and greens as accents. We personally love how Pottery Barn’s Chesterfield Upholstered Sofa creates a subtle and elegant distinction between the smoky surface and the ivory fabric with the caramel brown wood finishes; we also know that their Benchwright rectangular coffee table is completely capable of providing you with that extra touch of rustic mahogany you’ve always dreamed of. Moreover, if you’re some of those people who think that nothing screams vintage as the addition of French motifs and organic patterns, then Pier 1 Imports’ Emille Chair and Botany Green Chas Armchair will also end by accenting your home in a very Georgian and sophisticated manner.

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A Conservative Modern Rustic Hardwood

On the other hand, who said gray was the only direction out there?! Provenza’s Antico Collection portrays an array of rich reds and browns that challenge the idea of “modern rustic” with an alluring traditional grasp. Let us submerge you into their gorgeous, reclaimed look consisting of 5.5” hand scraped, sanded and stained hardwood planks. Offering you from their traditional blond, tow-colored Chamboard, to their darkest brown accurately named as Vintage, this series has also included your typical modern rustic gray Relic rustic hardwood as well as their cherry red Auburn. Moreover, let’s not forget about our favorite chocolate and espresso tonalities, which are accurately represented by this last brand through their deep nut-brown Caribou, and their lighter hazel Stonehenge. An even bolder red is presented by the warmth of their Heritage color selection, leveling it down to their light charcoal Quarry and their sandy gray descriptively named as Clay. This hardwood floor compilation is presenting us with everything we need to conceptualize our own idea of a modern rustic space.

Yes, modern rustic hardwood can be an antonym for more traditional spaces, and you’re encouraged to think outside the box and idealize how you’d like to integrate this last concept into your commercial and residential areas; after all, a little bit of modernity combined with rusticity never hurt anyone, not even your most conventional office/home. Imagine how beautiful that Stonehenge flooring would look when contrasted with a cocoa brown desk. Luckily, Kirkland’s Charleston espresso desk is here to complement our professional surroundings with a stunning ”homey” look that will make you never want to leave the office. Don’t forget to add that pattern and texture! Their soft blue Trellis Parsons chair will also incorporate a fabulously modern design to your space.

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Keep it Clean. Keep it Classy.

Mullican’s two most modern rustic collections are perfect for that exquisite reclaimed wood-look, while keeping it clean, contemporary, and yes, classy. We’re loving everything these two series have to offer to fashionable users like yourself, and the best part of all is that the neutrality in their color selections is ideal to freely experiment with your next remodeling.

Starting with the Castillian Engineered compilation, their Oak Cordovan is something else. We’re talking about a beautiful gray brown ideally designed to blend with any desired color scheme and additional specifications in theme and/or décor. When leading towards warmer hues, their dark brown Coffee Bean and their cherry red Midnight color selections will provoke a wow-effect in everyone entering your home. Furthermore, these 6” and 7” planks are available in other seven different colors, adjusting to all residential and commercial use and traffic amounts.

Followed by this last group, the Mount Castle collection is equally striking, with their two attractive shades of the light gray brown Oak Stirling and the somber, yet, welcoming Oak Colonial Grey, the possibilities to decorate your home are truly endless! Constructed in 9/16” and 5/8” thicknesses and in 7.44” and 9.45” widths, this series is flourishing that modern rustic look like no other.

If we decided to direct ourselves towards that muted and clean feel so commonly seen in modern rustic spaces, these two specific hardwood flooring assortments are providing us with lots to play with. However, you can never go wrong with white, and after you combine the elegance of the grey with the purity in ivory and linen tonalities, you get a home worthy of magazine publications. One of our suggestions actually comes from Wayfair, and the idealization of how beautiful their linen white Comforter Dining Table would be able to balance with these duller surfaces. And remember: Don’t be afraid to throw in some blue through your dining chairs and accent pieces.

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Go Modern (and Rustic)

Lastly, we have one more brand with fabulous collections to introduce you to, and it surely had to be our always-captivating Shaw Floors. We have selected the following collections because although they’re screaming “rustic” from all ends, the potential they contain to create incredibly modern spaces is astonishing. We’re now going modern (and…sure, rustic).

We’re taking our first look at Pioneer Road, a series outlining a color spectrum of rusticity, warmth and style. From their blond sand Prairie, to their dark and somber brown Quarry, you’ll now be in possession of the hottest shades for this fresh and fashionable concept. In between this array of colors, we can also admire their lighter sand Trail, the golden, natural wood look of their Sunrise hue, the superb chocolate brown of Ridge, and a more reddish solid hickory through Caravan. These 3-1/4” planks are everything and more.

And because modernity and up-to-date perceptions is what we’re trying to imply here, Addison Maple is bringing us back that freedom to manipulate our interiors as we please. Their 5” hardwood planks and unique range of colors makes us really wonder about a timeless and sustainable style that will be enjoyed by all preferences and generations. They’re presenting us from their purest and lightest Caramel, followed by their unfinished wood-resembling Cider and their classic Cocoa gray brown, to their misty Charcoal.

While working on the design for your home, consider some fun and exciting add-ons that will complement other fixtures around you, such as artificial and natural lighting, and your walls texture. Rugs and runners are a great mean of color, shape and form, and your favorite home décor stores offer us some breathtaking designs that can definitely bring out the lightest shade of your darkest charcoal gray hardwood flooring. For instance, Pier 1 Imports’ Diamond Scroll blue rug will create a beautiful contrast between the rusticity of your floors and the softness patterned textile. Light blues and greens, as well as deep reds are great hues to add to a typical modern rustic color scheme because of their brightness and character.

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Now that you’ve picked the perfect modern rustic hardwood floor for your residential and commercial spaces, it’s time to explore all of your options in this concept. Ask yourself about the direction that you’d like to be headed towards. Do you feel more attracted to the modern side of the style, or do you just love everything about its rustic characteristics?

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