Creative Room Designing with Fabric Linen Tile

Fabric Linen Tile

Without being your typical type of tile (or fabric), the collections we’ll be presenting today are able to offer every advantage of both in a quite sophisticated and stylish way. The term “fabrique” is becoming extremely popular in design today, all due to its unique and elegant fabric appearance, ideal for strikingly modern commercial and residential spaces. Get inspired with us through fashionable urban ideas and gorgeous color schemes, accompanied by design advice on how to create stunning interiors by mixing and matching this chic surface choice.  In this article we will focus on one of the hottest new product ideas for your home, fabric linen tile.

Fabric Linen Tile Gives Sophisticated Options for All Users

The first of these series is Kertiles’ Bambu Collection, which, along with its four colors and two sizes, is here to revolutionize the concept of “fabrique” and take it to a whole new, incredibly hip level. The ability to mix and match these tiles makes it accessible for experimentation and the creation of exciting and inimitable designs. Additionally, their mosaic outline is great for those still wanting a more minimalist, yet, distinguishing appeal. These 12”x24” and 24”x24” tiles are available from your lightest to darkest hue, descriptively named Light, Beige, Dark, and their gloomiest charcoal gray called Noce.

Bambu Collection available at Kertiles
Kertiles Bambu Collection

Furthermore, Daltile’s Fabrique series is equally moving and eye-catching. If your favorite part of selecting your floor surfaces is to experiment with color schemes and rhythm, then you won’t want to miss what this fabrique tile line has to offer. With their lightest cool cloud white Blanc, their softest beige Crème, a beautiful golden tan named Soleil, among other darker chocolate browns and warmer greys, their color palette offers a great selection in hues and shades you’ll love to play with. Also available in 12”x12” and 24”x24”, this collection has added more creative sizes from a smaller 4”x24” to larger rectangular shapes of 6”x24” and 12”x24”.

Beautiful tile work of Daltile
Daltile Fabrique

The third and last of the fabrique compilations we’d like to suggest is our fabulously modern and trendy Mirage Wooow Tile, offering an exquisite color palette of hues that not only would be able to perfectly blend with each other, but that would also combine well with any desired color scheme and theme. These are surfaces proposing subtle and elegant patterns willing to work with any room and purpose. From their lightest white Cotton fabric linen tile, to their darkest gray Silver, the possibilities are always endless. This line is offered in the typical rectangular sizes of 12”x24” and 24”x24”, with the inclusion of smaller 6”x24” pieces.

The Flooring of Mirage
Mirage Wooow Tile

Fabric Linen Tile Style Ideas

Depending on the purpose for each of your interior spaces, you might want to burst your colors differently, but keep in mind that taking full advantage of your color scheme is what brings out the light of your surroundings (figuratively and literally). When utilizing the already presented shades of greys, white and tans from these tile collections, it’s important to remember how to cleverly create contrast between your wall and floor surfaces and the furniture and other accents you select for your home and/or office.

Beige and White Floors

For instance, if you were to select the lightest beige or white of these colors for your floor, then you might want to go with chocolate browns and gloomier charcoals for the main add-ons in the room in order to create distinction within the color spectrum. Your walls could be directed towards a dimmer shade to contrast with the floor covering, which will allow you to add brighter hues through accessories and accents, like blues, yellows and greens. Give us a call today to order at 510-698-5142 or just visit us on the home page at QFFL.

Fabric Linen Tile
Daltile 12×12 Blanc and Creme Linen, Pier 1 Eastwood Tobacco Brown Dining Table and Champagne Beaded Runner