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Herringbone Chevron Flooring Patterns

Shaw Carpet
Shaw Carpet Contract Group Color at Work

Fashion-forward. Dynamic. Classic. Herringbone Chevron flooring patterns are currently dominating the hottest sections in the design industry. Although these types of patterns are popularly incorporated into extremely contemporary spaces today, they’re also great variations in more traditional interiors and exteriors. This is an originally European concept that can be presented in a variety of materials and sizes, enabling you to create a statement in any commercial and residential space.

First, let’s explore the intricacies of herringbone pattern. In a herringbone pattern, the rectangular planks are placed in such a way that resembles the chevron pattern, however; unlike a chevron pattern, the planks are not cut leaving the square end of one plank to adjoin with a side or length of another plank. This specific placement creates a staggered or “broken” zig-zag pattern.

So, What Do We Mean by “Herringbone Flooring”?

Dating back to 1539, this European design is a detailed work of art. The uniqueness and elegance behind herringbone structures is mainly due to the complexity in its construction. The surfaces are available in a great diversity of colors, materials and widths, triggering inspiration and creativity.

First of all, when we talk about herringbone floors we’re referring to the actual herringbone flooring patterns on these surfaces. The shape of this last one consists of several sets of interconnected horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines that are parallel to each other. In terms of flooring, these types of surfaces have been utilized for centuries, even though we are able to admire them in more modern spaces today. The variations in pattern and color allow you to incorporate this design in more than one area of your home or offices, without having to conform to uniformity. For example, in this post we’ll be talking about the different porcelain, carpet, vinyl and hardwood options available for this type of pattern.

 Some Herringbone Flooring Examples
Herringbone Floor Pattern
Shaw Hacienda Herringbone
Herringbone Tile Flooring

Combining the multiple benefits of porcelain tile and the fashionable look of herringbone patterns was never this simple through brands such as Shaw Floors. Because of their sustainability and flexibility in maintenance, these surfaces are great stylish options for your residential floors.  

Shaw Olympia Tile Flooring
Shaw Olympia Tile
Shaw Floors Porcelain
Shaw University Tile
Shaw Olympia Tile
Shaw Olympia Ash
Carpet in Herringbone Patterns

Preferably used by businesses, carpet herringbone floors are also another stunning way to express yourself through the most original and gorgeous way possible. These surfaces are meant to create a statement of modernity and sophistication, leaving you enough space to play with your commercial interiors while transforming them into beautiful focal points in any room.

Shaw Carpet Commercial
Shaw Contract Horizontal Edge
Interface Carpet
Shaw Contract Commercial Carpet
Shaw Contract Commercial Fade Tile
Herringbone Vinyl

We already know that part of the advantages of vinyl flooring includes ease-of-maintenance, comfort, high-quality and low-cost. Now, let’s jazz these surfaces up a little bit more by integrating this lively and attractive structure into our homes and businesses!

Armstrong Alterna Engineered Stone
Alterna Engineered Stone
Hardwood Flooring Using Herringbone Pattern

And because nothing screams resistance and durability as hardwood floors, we’ve brought to you that gorgeous nature of wood combined with this eclectic design you’ll love. Let the shine and classic look of these surfaces submerge you into a sea of possibilities for your living spaces.

Lauzon Flooring Brazilian
Lauzon Flooring Brazilian Cherry Hardwood
Black and White Chevron
Chevron in White and Black

After centuries of the chevron design used as an insignia to determine rank, this inverted “V” shaped pattern has moved up the rankings becoming a popular choice for home decor. This bold pattern has an absolute timeless appeal that looks great in any home.

Let’s Talk About Chevron Flooring

The chevron pattern was brought to life in the 1950’s as a gorgeous fashion statement. Since then, this abstract pattern has been used as a popular pattern in home decor.

Not to be confused with a herringbone pattern, which gives more of a”zigzag” appearance through staggered rectangles, the chevron pattern is made up of sharper increase and decrease points placed repeatedly across a row. These increases and decreases can also be described as “peaks” or “valleys.” With such a vast amount of color variations and styles available with this pattern, this trendy pattern will look great in any setting.

Chevron Flooring Examples


Shaw Glee Gray Tile Flooring
Shaw Glee in Color Gray


Chevron Tile Flooring

Through brands such as Shaw Floors, this tile flooring stands out through sustainability and are easy to take care of. These surfaces offer a great stylish options such as chevron designs for your residential floors.

Chevron Floor in Mirage Noon
Mirage Noon Chevron Flooring
Carpet in Chevron Patterns
Chevron Carpet Brown and White
Chevron Carpet



Chevron Vinyl


Amtico Vinyl
Amtico Vinyl Chevron Flooring
Hardwood Flooring Using Chevron Patterns

When looking at hardwood floors, what else is there to do to make them better? With such strong resistance and quality durability it is hard to change this flooring to make it better. We’ve provided this stunning natural wood look combined with a  design you’ll love. Let the shine and classic look of these surfaces submerge you into a sea of possibilities for your living spaces.

Chevron Flooring Patterns
Chevron DuChateau Floor
Aerial View of a Herringbone Floor
Indus-Parquet-Tuari Herringbone Floor
Design it.

Now that you’re certain of your material of preference, it’s time to start designing your surroundings with this fabulous pattern and quality constructions. You can ask yourself about the colors you’d like to see, how you could balance this look, the thickness of the pattern itself, as well about its direction.

One Vs. Multiple Colors

Yup, that’s right! You do NOT need to conform to a single color when choosing the perfect combination for your herringbone surfaces. You can either evenly alternate colors per slab, or even per column! Think about the role your floors play in your room, and how busy you want them to look.

Hardwood Chevron Floors at Quality Flooring 4 Less
Hardwood Chevron Flooring
Did anyone say “stripes and borders”?

Another idea when designing with herringbone patterns is incorporating stripes in between columns. This is especially helpful to create a sense of balance and relief within your flooring. It takes some of the constant activity away from your surfaces. Additionally, another technique to equilibrate your design by breaking the constancy of the pattern apart is by adding borders around the general outline. Just like stripes, these elements can also be included in different hues and shades to add contrast among your herringbone structure.

Double Vs. Diagonal

Our last suggestion is actually a decision you’d have to make at the moment of selecting your pattern. Would you like your classic chevron look, or perhaps a wider concept than usual? Double and diagonal herringbone are both available to further personalize your living surroundings, and can be utilized separately or mutually. Double designs tend to be easier on the eyes, especially when implemented in smaller rooms. 

Herringbone Chevron Flooring Patterns
DuChateau Double Herringbone Pattern
Diagonal Herringbone Patterns
Diagonal Herringbone Pattern

Using herringbone can add instant luxury to any room. Who would have thought that a single pattern could have so many choices available to personalize our surroundings? As you can see, it’s all about finding that perfect balance and the look that flows with the rest of your theme and style.

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  1. Nate Spellman January 8, 2017 at 6:39 pm

    You gotta watch where you put this pattern, because if you get it in an already busy room it’ll give you an instant headache. my ex-wife put it in our hall then wallpapered. Ten years later I still cringe when I go over there and see it

    1. Administrator February 27, 2017 at 9:27 pm

      Yes, sometimes depending upon the size of the room and the decor, it can be a little intense. But… if it is done in the right room you would be hard pressed to say that there is anything better.

  2. Gentry_Blue January 17, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    The herringbone design in a floor is just so pretty, my parents had it done in their living room and it makes all the difference. They get tons of complements on it all the time.


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