10 Popular Gray Laminate Flooring Colors for 2017

7 Popular Gray Laminate Flooring Colors for 2017

Gray Laminate Flooring is the popular color choice trend for 2017. The popularity is rising and add to the fact that picking accessories around gray is easy. Wall paint, furniture, blinds etc. all go well with gray. (see below for popular accent colors). We have compiled a list of some of the top 10 hottest selling laminate flooring for 2017. These collections will be sure to inspire and entice anyone who gazes upon the simplicity and sophistication of gray.

Armstrong Architectural Remnants Laminate

Gray Armstrong Laminate at qualityflooring4less..com
Armstrong Surf Side Azure Mist

Armstrong laminate is designed to create the illusion of authentic hardwood, providing the same great level of warmth and comfort. Architectural Remnants laminate achieves the authentic look of salvaged woods steeped in the rich history of classic American architecture. These laminate floors feature a 12mm thick surface with a charming 47.83” inch length in widths that vary by style. In the above image the Surf Side Azure Mist is featured. The second laminate we have in our list is from Bruce.


Bruce Architectural Salvage Collection

Bruce Architectural Salvage Laminate with Gray Overtones
Bruce Textured Timbers Old Character

The Bruce Architectural Salvage Collection achieves the authentic look of salvaged woods, steeped in the rich history of classic American architecture. Architectural Salvage laminate is 12mm Wood Look Laminate, and 47.83” inches in length, with widths varying by style and manufactured with Bruce Lock&Fold installation technology. Styles offered in a 7.59” width include Historic Element White, Skip Sand Distressed Brown and Skip Sand Distressed Natural. All three styles look weathered and blend several different colors to achieve a rich, antique look. As pictured above the Textured Timbers Old Character Laminate has gray overtones throughout. At number three we have the Mannington.


Mannington Laminate Restoration Collection.

Woodland Maple @QFFL
Mannington Woodland Maple Mist

Mannington Restoration wood look laminate flooring mixes vintage charm and engineered quality for all of your living spaces. You will enjoy a reclaimed look that add character to rooms of all sizes. A stunning array of 41 floor colors crosses the design spectrum and meets all palettes. You might think 41 colors? Yes there is that many but the visuals range from the lightest in color tones to the dark grays, almost black in look.
In fourth we have Alloc Laminate with its Original Collection in Soft Gray.


Alloc Laminate with its Original Collection in soft Gray laminate flooring

Quality Flooring 4 Less has Alloc
Alloc Elegant Soft Grey

Alloc Original laminate flooring offers the most advanced style and strength in laminate flooring. It has been called ‘Original’ because that’s what it is—the original line of laminate flooring that started the category over a decade ago. Alloc Original has an array of authentic wood finishes and engineered durability. Alloc Original is the right flooring choice for anyone seeking superior beauty and durability in a laminate floor. The “First and Only” HPL high pressure laminate.
Fifth we have the Classic, Mohawk Laminate Rare Vintage Collection in Driftwood Oak. Next coming in at number five is from Mohawk.


Mohawk Laminate Rare Vintage Collection in Driftwood Oak.

Gray Laminate Flooring
Mohawk Rare Vintage Driftwood Oak


Mohawk Rare Vintage laminate floors are offered in a lovely array of patterns that will fit just about any design scheme, whether modern, contemporary, or traditional. The Driftwood Oak is a Warm & traditional with a range in color. Deep graining & hand scraping add contrast & character. Connects flooring pieces for easy, glue less installation. This is sure to be a perfect fit for any home or any project. Sixth we have Quickstep.


The Eligna Collection

Gray Laminate Flooring at QFFL
Quick Step Eligna Dark Grey Varnished Oak

Quickstep is the 6th pick with the Eligna Collection for laminate flooring with lovely visuals and resilient composition, the Eligna Collection from QuickStep showcases the long, vertical grain patterns from popular hardwoods like cherry, walnut, maple, hickory, mahogany, pine and oak! This top quality laminate line features some of the most beautiful color selections available on the market today. With an industry-leading plethora of fourteen color options, this series definitely offers a hue to match any design palette. Coming in 7th, the Vintage Collection by Shaw Laminate.


Vintage Collection by Shaw Laminate

Weathered Wall Laminate
Vintage Collection Shaw Weathered Wall

Redefining the flooring industry, Shaw Laminate floors are a top provider for durable, quality and stylish laminate flooring. With revolutionary technology, Shaw Laminate floors express the highest level of realism with beautifully designed wood and stone emulations that homeowners, designer and architects all love. The vintage collection has 4 colors to choose from, Ice House, Boardwalk, Wine barrel, and Weathered wall. The picture features Weathered Wall.
Another beautiful pick in 8th is from the Mohawk collection.


Mohawk Havermill Vintage Pine.

Quality Flooring 4 Less
Mohawk Havermill Vintage Pine

Mohawk Havermill laminate flooring boasts realistic patterns and durable construction. The collection features wood look floors that are cost efficient and high quality without compromising style. You will enjoy the charm of weather worn details in 5 1/4” wide planks that exude character. A 12mm thickness helps soften noises and adds to longevity. With a full manufacturer’s warranty from Mohawk, your new laminate floor will last for years to come. For 9th we have Tarkett Heritage Laminate.


Tarkett Heritage Gray Laminate Flooring.

Laminate Flooring In Gray
Tarkett Heritage Light Oak

Tarkett Laminate flooring is where high quality meets high design. Whether traditional, organic, sub-tropical or classic, the designs are strikingly realistic and offer something for every aesthetic. But, Tarkett Laminate flooring is so much more than a pretty face. While most laminates are made with softer woods like pine, Tarkett design’s and engineers their laminate floors with 100 percent premium hardwood – cherry and oak – to provide increased indentation resistance. And the superior locking system makes it easy to install. Last, but not least, it’s Made in the USA.
And finally, closing out this list at number 10 is Shaw Breton Laminate.

Shaw Breton Laminate

Shaw Gray Laminate Flooring
Shaw Breton Champagne


Shaw Breton Laminate. Shaw Breton laminate flooring will bring elegance, sophistication, and style to the forefront of your home décor without the steep price tag of authentic, traditional hardwood planks. In addition to the visuals that Breton provides, the surface is finished with an enhanced texture, so these floors will also feel like real wood.

So remember, when considering 2017’s hot color trends you cant go wrong with these picks for your home or office. Here are some helpful hints to compliment your Grey Laminate floor as well. You can stay with cooler (white/gray/blue) colors if you have some of these with texture e.g. a blue cable knit throw rather than a blue flat weave throw. Dashes of red, green, orange or yellow can add warmth and, if done with exchangeable accessories still give you flexibility.

If you have any questions on ordering any of these beautiful grey laminates please call us at 510-698-5142 or visit us online at www.qualityflooring4less.com.


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  1. Nat January 17, 2017 at 10:02 pm

    i like all this gray but i think lately it is just everyone doing it, i’d like to see more colors in 2017! i think it’s overdone

    we did our living room in gray but then it looked weird with our old oak kitchen so we had to redo that too. my DH was not happy about it. all i’ll say for anyone wanting to go gray is to just take a look at the room around you because sometimes just one gray area looks odd and you’ll need to do more than one part of your house – NAT


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