Your Favorite Cocktail – In Flooring Styles

Whether it’s an apple martini or a good, old-fashioned pint, what you drink can say just as much about you as the decor of your home.  Our design experts at have put together a fun list of flooring styles that mirrors some of America’s favorite libations.

Vodka, Neat.

Flooring/Drink style
Vodka is smooth, just like your flooring style!

Crisp, commanding, hardcore.  Vodka makes a statement and so should your floor.  Consider toasting to your new Beaulieu Noble Hardwood Floor or a great Armstrong Artistic Timbers hardwood.

 Beaulieu Noble Hardwood
Straight-forward, strong and able to handle anything.

Flooring Styles for Whiskey Lovers.

Once dubbed as an old-man’s drink, whisky drinking isn’t just for grandpa anymore.  Whisky drinkers tend to command authority and power.  When it comes to flooring style, a whisky drinker tends to want something lasting and durable with a smooth finish.  Consider the Rustique Laminate Flooring from Quick Step, available now at

Rustique Quick Step
Quick Step Rustique Laminate Flooring

Celebrate Your Decor, Appletini-Style.

Appletini fans celebrate in style. Nothing is ever boring and when it comes to flooring the bolder the better. Go for a flooring style that is bold and daring. Let the floor truly be center stage in your favorite room and be sure to provide napkins for your guests; they’ll be drooling with envy!  Try a floor like the Armstrong Architectural Remnants Laminate Floor, shown below.

 Armstrong Architectural Remnants
Bold, exciting and everything but ordinary!

There’s Nothing As Fine As A Good Red Wine

You’ve had a long day and all that’s been on your mind all day was kicking off your heels and relaxing with a great, full-bodied red. Sip your wine and cherish the warmth while you enjoy your new Mediterranea Wood Look Tile and rest easy knowing you have a super durable floor without the maintenance investment of a traditional wood floor. More time for you and your favorite glass of Pinot!

Mediterranea Wood Floor
An easy-to-care-for floor with the look of real wood, perfect for wine parties!

If you would like to order any of these beautiful hardwoods give us a call at 510-698-5142.


  1. LanceT January 17, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    I love the laminate floor photo but you cant pay me to drink an apple martini

  2. ILOVEBEER January 17, 2017 at 11:47 pm

    What about redneck dudes like me that like Bud Light and chips? Do we just prefer dirty carpet or?


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