Why Choose Hardwood Floors?

Choosing A Beautiful Hardwood Floor

At QualityFlooring4Less.com we receive a lot of questions about flooring.  Today we are going to focus on hardwood floors and answer some of your biggest questions about why this living product is so popular.

Hardwood Floors @ Quality Flooring 4 Less
Chevron Hardwood

What’s so different about hardwood floors compared to other materials like vinyl, porcelain and stone?

Wood is a living, breathing product.  Most other types of flooring are manufactured.  Nothing really comes close to the beauty of a great wood floor.  Wood oozes with character and charm. It can bring a new life to your home.  Consider using hardwood floors when you desire a cozy, warm space. When taken care of properly quality hardwood floors can bring you and your family enjoyment for decades!

Shaw Heartland Hardwood Floor
Shaw Heartland

What’s the big deal about having hardwood floors?

Wood has been in our civilization for centuries. It builds our home, becomes furniture and can be made into just about anything we desire. In a world where we are attached to our electronic devices, bringing beautiful wood floors into our home allows us to enjoy a bit of nature in our otherwise indoor-grown lives.  Bringing the outside in can work wonders for your mood, outlook and even enhance your every day routine.

Shaw Smokehouse Hardwood Floor
Shaw Smokehouse

What is engineered flooring and is it better than solid wood flooring?

Engineered hardwood is solid wood’s sturdier little brother. It’s durable, it’s beautiful and requires less maintenance. It’s also better for areas where the flooring must be installed directly over concrete.  Engineered hardwood is super versatile and resilient. It can be added to almost any area of your home, even your basement. Engineered wood is much more resistant to moisture and heat than traditional solid wood flooring. If you desire the rich, glorious look of hardwood floors but want something stronger and less resistant to damage an engineered wood floor would be perfect for your home. There are hundreds of different styles to accommodate just about any look you’d like to achieve for your interior space.

Visit QualityFlooring4Less for a huge selection of hardwood floors at incredible prices or just give us a call @ 510-698-5142 and one of our representatives can help you will all of your hardwood needs.

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  1. Sarah January 17, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    I love hardwood floors, but I have babies at home who spill EVERYTHING. We ended up getting laminate instead and couldn’t be happier with it.


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