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Ragno USA

Ragno Arte Collection is a tile that has the look, color, and feel of petrified wood with the help of technology, it is more durable than natural stone. This collection is  simple but at the same time elegant. Its semi-glossy surface that not only meets the needs of high-traffic areas but also provides a timeless look that you will be complemented on constantly. Coming in a variety of sizes like 3” x 6” and 13 “x 13” and even 3”x 13” bullnose, make this porcelain tile the  choice you are looking for, for you next design project. Include 12″ x 24″ inch linear size, making it simple to meet all layout needs. Matching mosaics provide great transitions to this natural, elegant, and durable porcelain tile. Below we have an image of a completed floor and we have to say it looks beautiful

Tile made in Houston Texas USA
Tile made in the USA

This collection has colors designed to look like wood floors and natural stone; this porcelain tile series has flooring for all types of décor. Three natural, blended colors that have mildly animated surfaces make this tile an easy choice for kitchens, bathrooms, or any other area in your home or your office.

Flooring made in the USA
Ragno Arte MA

Ragno Arte MA is a rich brown that can’t help but draw looks. This wood-look tile features strains of pale copper brown and deep walnut browns. Ragno Arte BI and BG more on the lighter side providing a base for colorful areas and unique pieces of furniture. Pale peaches and honey browns make up BI. Light Golden blended perfectly with medium tans and ivory swirls create BG. You cannot go wrong with this porcelain tile collection; exuberating modern elegant finishes any designer would love this series.

Ragno Arte BI Tile

If you agree with us on the look of this tile and you would want it in your home or your office give us a call at 510-698-5142 or just go to our Ragno Tile page on our site. We guarantee that you will love this flooring as much as we do. Also as you know it is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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