Project of the Month December 2018


A spotlight on stunning work from our clients.

Justin – New Orleans, LA

Choosing new floors for different spaces can challenge even the most experienced designers. We think Justin achieved beautiful results with these ceramic tiles for his entryway and bathroom.


He chose stone look ceramic tiles to create unique effects for each room. Marble aesthetics in particular are great choices for modern themes.

Flooring Delivery Image

Vallelunga Argenta 24” x 24” creates a charming entryway. This marble-look collection offers a slew of grey colors well-suited for contemporary looks. Justin’s entrance will exhibit these traits with charm to spare.


For color variation, Mirage Noon 8” x 48”  was also added. Taking full advantage of the various hues in this lineup, Justin creates an elegant transition from the greyish-shades of the Argenta at the entrance.

Mirage Flooring


In the bathroom, Vallelunga Statuario 12” x 24” has the elegant look of Grecian marble. The clean lines of this ceramic are well placed in bathrooms of all sizes. We love how these Statuario wall tiles add classical essence to this stand-in shower.

Vallelunga Statuario


Congratulations Justin, we are floored by your work!


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