The 5 Easy’s of Floorigami DIY Carpet

Floorigami Carpet adds rare appeal to the concept of ‘DIY’.  After all, the potential cost savings of installing your own floors are overshadowed by opportunity costs, namely time and stress. Questions range from ‘What’s a subfloor?’ to ‘How do I know I did it right?

Since homeowners mostly think of flooring as a one-time purchase, there is even more incentive to leave installation to the pros.

As a glimpse into the future of flooring, this carpet is a 1-stop solution to common concerns.

How? From a no-commitments design approach to stunning custom effects, the 5 Easy’s of Floorigami covers the essentials.

1. Easy Installation

Peel, stick and repeat! An afternoon is all that’s needed to install new Floorigami carpeting. Whether planks or squares, it’s a simple and fast process with basic tools.

Suitable for nearly any subfloor, you can install this modular floor over hardwood, cement and other surfaces. A quick sweep or vacuum to avoid slippage is suggested. This feature is unique among many carpets, which may have more limited options for subfloors.

Arrows under each section of carpet take the guesswork out of which direction to lay and the design itself prevents trapping of fibers. You will install each section of carpet with confidence.

Much like hardwood or vinyl, the boxes are simple to unpackage and get started. No cutting or unrolling to begin. Aside from rooms with wall-to-wall carpets, you may not need to cut any of Floorigami’s square or plank designs.

2. Easy to Choose Patterns and Sizes

5 designs. 3 patterns. 2 sizes. Endless colors. 

Best of all, whatever you decide is RIGHT! 

Choose from either Texture, Twist or Loop patterns to suit your goals. Texture is sleeker and lays flatter while Twist is plusher and luxurious. Meanwhile, the ragdoll chic of Loop is well-suited for warmth and coziness. 

Available in 9” x 36” or 24” x 24”, alternating geometric shapes with the same or different design is also made easy.

3. EASY to Change

Afraid of carpet commitment? Your décor, tastes and lifestyle all may affect your flooring choices. Floorigami allows you to keep pace with these changes for a fluid design. Replacing this modular carpet with new colors and textures is just as simple as installing it! No messy rollups or heavy labor.

Looking for warmth and a softer feel underfoot as your family grows? Swap out the sleek Desert Dawn for the twist texture of Plume Perfect  

Mixing and matching various textures also enables you to create custom effects in the same room or as transitions between spaces.  For instance, you can add Floorigami carpet squares to complement hardwood floor squares.

4. EASY and Fun to Mix and Match of Colors

An array of colors is available in each of the five designs. This flexibility allows you to pair different colors of the same design for unique effects. For instance, the texture pattern of Midnight Snack may transition shades from Cookies and Cream to Trail Mix to match your scheme. With 4 up to 8 color choices available for each design, there is no shortage of options to customize.

5. EASY to Clean

Pets, spills and foot traffic each wreak havoc on carpets. You can rest easy knowing this collection is a rare combo of striking good looks that’s easy to maintain. 

Whether a vacuum or even your sink, keeping Floorigami clean is hassle-free.


Overall, Floorigami is a versatile carpet that offers solutions to common headaches. The simple installation and design flexibility allow for bold designs that can be easily changed over time.

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