Carpet, Tile or Hardwood: How to Choose Flooring for Your Home

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There have never been more options in floor coverings than there are today, and trying to choose flooring for your home might seem a little bit overwhelming, but never fear! These simple guidelines will help you find the correct flooring to instantly turn your house into a home. Pay attention! Pick the wrong flooring and you may have a very expensive mistake on your hands.

To help avoid any flooring blunders, follow these few key points:

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Design Style: Before looking at any flooring, pin down your design style and don’t feel restricted when doing so. With such a wide selection of flooring, there is sure to be the perfect choice for your unique design tastes. Additionally, when you do find a flooring product, always order samples to see, touch and place next to existing decors.

Lifestyle: Ensuring your floors will meets all your household needs, consider the durability, maintenance and warranty length. As there are many flooring products that are family-friendly and offer resistance to water, stains, scratches and more, think long term with the level of care and maintenance you are willing to put into your flooring. For example, as hardwood is naturally durable, it is susceptible to scratching and fading and will require refinishing or resealing later down the line. An alternative to this may be found with laminate or vinyl flooring that with today’s technologies can flawlessly replicate hardwood stone, tile and more.


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Additionally, consider any health impacts your flooring may have. Despite many changes in the flooring industry, some products may still emit levels of VOC’s. Likewise, for homeowners with allergies, consider products infused with hypoallergenic attributes. For example, despite the harsh criticism carpet floors receive, Bliss Carpets are now producing collections equipped with mold, mildew, dirt and odor resistances for healthy living floors. Additionally, make sure you flooring is safe for those living within. For the elderly or small children, slick tile flooring is never recommended. Rather, opt for flooring with more cushion in case of falls.

Budget: Flooring is available in a wide spectrum of prices. As those on a budget can find inexpensive flooring, it does come with caution that not all cheap flooring comes with high-quality attributes. Always do your homework on the quality of the product and never be swayed by a smokin’ deal.

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With that, homeowners will most likely spend more when choosing hardwood flooring and the more ornate or exotic the wood, the high price it will cost. An alternative once again would be laminate or vinyl flooring. Even then, ceramic or porcelain tile flooring is said to be the most affordable product in flooring. With that, technology has allowed for products to replicate anything under sun ranging from high-end quarried stones to lush hardwoods.

Climate: Perhaps a more important focus point, climate has a huge barring on flooring you will choose. If you life in a year-round dry and warm climate, the options are nearly limitless. If you live in humid climates or areas of heavy rainfall, you may way to steer clear of flooring that can be easily damaged by moisture such as hardwood. Likewise, for areas dealing with freezing temperatures, flooring with natural insulating abilities are ideal as you may want to ban tile flooring are look at options such cork or carpet.

For more tips, questions or suggested flooring, give us a call at 866-705-1340. And finally, never feel rushed or pushed into any flooring. After all, you do have to live with it.

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